Monday, February 1, 2010

Our Family Prayer Jar

Colossians 4:2

2Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

My friend Jonda told me that her family had a "prayer jar" where they keep all the prayer requests they are aware of and they draw them out daily for prayer time. I loved the idea! So, at Christmas-time when I got "crafty" with the modge-podge for some other homemade gifts I made, I decided to make one for our family out of a leftover Miracle Whip jar! No one can say I'm not GREEN now! :) I used wrapping paper and modge podge to cover the jar, then just cut out magazine letters for the top, and finished it off with some ribbon! Not the most beautiful craft I've done, but one of my favorites when it comes to it's use! We use it at every meal. Carley (our youngest) prays at breakfast, Paige prays for lunch, and Morgan prays at dinner. They each get to draw out a prayer when it is their turn. I guess when Evan comes home we'll have to incorporate an afternoon snack!

Here's what I've found:
  • The girls get SO excited about drawing--it's like winning the lottery!
  • In turn, they are SO excited about prayer!
  • They are learning to think of others needs and pray for these things at other times throughout the day as well.
  • They are actively listening for peoples prayer requests so they can add them to our jar.
  • Our family can "see" God working in these situations! As the prayers are answered we are putting them into an ANSWERED PRAYER envelope which I am planning to convert to some kind of foam board for Praise to the Lord!
  • This opens up lots of good conversations about how God might choose to answer these prayers and we talk a lot about our motto "be a family of ACTION" to say "how might God want to use US to answer this prayer?". Instead of just praying for them, let's think about how we can be part of the answer!
  • We no longer forget about the important needs of our friends and family.
  • We are learning to be persistent in prayer

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  1. I LOVE this idea! Im gonna snag it for later.. much later, since I dont have any kids yet.


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