Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cut down on your laundry in a "crafty" way...

My super-crafty friend Danielle gave me this idea for the kids bathroom. She hung hooks for her kids towels and painted them canvas' as well. I decided to try a "water theme" for mine. I found ideas I liked on the internet and tried my best to "copycat" since I don't have any natural art talent. I love the way they turned out though! The black sharpie at the end really helps correct any mistakes! Now the kids have no excuse for not using their bath towels more than once! Every little bit helps--right? :)


  1. Love that. Great idea.

  2. love it! We do this at our house too!

  3. LOVE it!! Once we have a few more little feet running around here, we will for sure be doing this one!!


Why Wouldn't I?