Monday, February 1, 2010

Not too much longer...

Look at these sweet lips!! How can I wait another day to kiss him? Boy I really struggled at the end of nearly 7 weeks at #1 on the waiting list, but I have to say that his photo has carried me along these last 4 weeks! I wondered if it would be harder after we saw him and knew WHO our little Evan was? But, so far, I would say no. The whole key is to keep things in MOTION! As long as it feels like we are moving forward it seems bearable. It really seems like it is going to be real now!

We have been blessed when it comes to photos. We received 6 photos with his referral. Then about a week later the agency passed on 2 snapshots another family had taken of him while they were picking up their child. About a week later we received 2 more photos from a dear, sweet, compassionate mom who took them during her visit to Hannah's Hope! What a treat! Every pic is a special blessing to us!

We are so pleased that Evan is at Hannah's Hope where we are hearing wonderful reports all the time about how terrific their care is and how much the "special mothers" love these little ones. Each special mother is responsible for 3 babies. My friend laughed when she heard this and remarked "his ratio is better there than it will be at your house!!!" :) LOL I am truly looking forward to "my hands being as full as my heart"!

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