Sunday, February 14, 2010

Even More Shower pics...

Check out this beautiful food!
Danielle is so talented. She painted the canvas above the fireplace, AND did custom iron-ons for the onesies, AND covered the wooden "E" for Evan's bedroom!
AND made these darling and delicious cupcakes! They had chocolate pudding and chocolate chips in them--super moist!
My niece Austin was there to celebrate. Ew, I feel old...she was the flower girl in our wedding and now she's in college (and I am STILL having babies?!)!
Sweet baby Jordan. My friend Stefany's son (home from ET last March). He has been my "substitute" Evan since we first met this past summer. :) And his mom has been a rock of support and encouragement. There is nothing like a friend who has been there.

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