Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Shower pics...

Here's Angie #2, my dear friend and shower hostess Angelia, and my friend Myra
Interesting factoid: Myra and I graduated high school together and then lost touch. When we reconnected on Facebook we realized we both had 3 daughters and were adopting sons!! Her 2 year old son Sam came home from China in October!
One of our favorite gifts was this step stool for Evan's room. A friend had this built and custom painted to match his room. It is gorgeous!
My buddy, and other shower hostess, Susan painted this plaque and picture frame for Evan's bedroom door. It also matches his room perfectly!
Morgan is becoming quite the cook. She made and iced these sugar cookies for the shower all by herself! Even at risk of bodily harm from Angelia who explicitly told us not to bring ANYTHING! Morgan's response.."I'll handle Miss Angelia!" Brave girl. :)
My precious friend Eveline who is from India and this was her first ever baby shower! When she told me she had never been to a shower before I was tempted to tell her "it is customary in the US to wear your bathing suit to showers" but I resisted. :) Eveline has a love for the Lord that is unmatched. She is the wise one who told me "God is the master planner. I have plans but I put them UNDER His plans because His are best." Those words in her sweet accent have echoed in my mind throughout this difficult process. There really is something about her accent that makes her words sound infinitely more wise!

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