Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Packing for a trip around the world--

Rus and I ready to leave on Thursday, March 18, 2010
We flew out of Cincinnati, OH at 4pm

Our bathroom was the packing depot!
This packing started about a month and a half before we actually left!

Momma must have her snacks!! :)
I wanted to be sure I had some sweets and comfort food just in case
I wasn't as adventurous in the dining room as I was hoping for!
(I wasn't) Let's just say the Fruit Loops were gone!

The girls were a big help in packing...especially when it came to Evan's clothes!
We had to sort sizes and then try to decide which size would work best..?
So I took a full week of 3-6 mos. and a full week of 6-9 mos.
Baby clothes don't take up that much room!!!

Baby stuff!!

The girls on the day of our departure. I guess I was so caught up in packing, preparation and anticipation that I nearly forgot I'd have to leave my girls for a week. I started crying when we got one street away and Rusty was surprised. Wow, this could be tough!

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  1. HOW Exciting! Ive had Graces suitcase packed for a year! Kept adding little things in it every once in awhile. Our stuff? I am so clueless and weve never flown. I just keep saying " I think I can."


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