Sunday, March 7, 2010

My dear friend Karen and her family came over last night to share all the details of their recent trip to Ethiopia to bring home sweet baby William (8 months old). I remember when I first met Karen (2 years ago) and she shared that they were starting their paperwork to adopt a child from Ethiopia and I thought "how nice for them" never dreaming that we would soon be in the same situation!! Isn't the Lord hilarious? We have walked this road together and held one another up in prayer. We were blessed to be at the airport when they got home two weeks ago. I told her I would give her a few days to rest but then I needed DETAILS!!! She shared their experience and had even taken notes on things she did not want me to forget to pack! What a blessing to hear their story and to hold William. He has the softest skin EVER! It made me feel closer to Evan just holding this baby who shares a story and a homeland with our son.

Just a thought:
I have never met an adoptive family who doesn't desire to go back and do it again. Interesting.


  1. Amen to that!!!

    I think it has to do with an opening of your eyes, your heart, and your life to God in such an unexplainable way! Praise God!!!

  2. Oh, i can't wait to do it again..simply the most amazing experience family was in from Lex this weekend..and ive told them all to be on the look out for the cute white family with the ET baby if they stop ya..youll know they belong to me :) kj


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