Monday, January 4, 2010

I am officially on (self-proclaimed) BED-REST !

I've done all I can do, I've handled this wait the best I could for as long as I can, and now, in my own professional opinion, I must go on bedrest. At 12.5 months pregnant who can blame me? Just me and my laptop. Please bring food occasionally.

Seriously, Rusty and I talked last night that we are simply paralyzed by this wait. We are constantly saying "after we get the referral...". The scariest part is that after we get the referral we simply move into another waiting period (waiting for a court date). I can't even think about that. They tell me only about 50% of the court dates are successful on the first try. Can't think about that either (la la la la I can't hear that!!). Don't even let me see your blog if you lost a referral in any way, shape, or form--I jump off that site as fast as my finger can hit the X button! I also refuse to read any blogs that have timelines that don't agree with my "ideal", or what I have deemed reasonable and normal. I could be losing my mind, unsure at this point. It's ok though because I'm in bed where it's safe.

We got an email from the agency today "warning" us that they will be calling in the next 2 days for a regular monthly update. I guess they are familiar with #1 Moms (or probably anywhere in the top 10) who see the caller ID and flip out instantly thinking it is their referral and they have simply called to check in. They said they would answer any questions we have.
That's easy.
That's it. Just one question.
The question is, can I say that much without crying?
Or, as my friend suggested, just let Rus answer and listen in on the other phone so there is just a low sobbing in the background.
Really, is it just me or is 6 weeks too long to be #1 on the waitlist?
Isn't 12.5 months of longing for a baby boy a little much?
147 Million orphans and not one to bring home to our family?
The room is ready, the crib is empty and just longing to be spit up in :).
The sisters are pumped, prayerful and ready to pounce!
Dad is ready for his little buddy and Mom is ready for bottles and diapers, singing and rocking!
All we need is our little Evan boy.
Please Lord, let today be the day we see his face.

Oh Lord, rescue him because You delight in him, take hold of him and draw him out!
Psalm 18:16,19


  1. Can't say anything too encouraging, because this waiting is just plain hard! Praying for you though, and I'll try to scope out if there are any new little boys at HH next week when we are there. :) Who know.....maybe when you get his referral you will find out he wasn't even born when you hit #1 on the list!! You never know!!! (I've had several friends get referrals of 3 week old babies!)

    There have been so many times during this adoption where I have wished to crawl in bed and fall asleep....and not wake up until they said "you can go meet your baby now".


  2. YES, 6 weeks is FAR to long to be at #1!!!!!

    I canNOT imagine! We've been at #4 for 9 weeks and I am slowly going insane.


  3. Congratulations... I saw on the listserv you got your call today. Yes 6 weeks is too long.... that was me back in the summer. But, I am thoroughly enjoying my sweet little girl now... somehow you forget about your wait once you've moved onto the next step. Congratulations again... Whaoo Hoo..

  4. How ironic that you post this and then get THE call just one day later. God heard your cries and He is faithful! We are so excited for your family and cannot wait to see Evan join our family at AABC!

    Chris, Katrina, and Jacob Burris

  5. Loved reading the story of how you and Angie were TOGETHER for the call day! How exciting!!! Congrats and happy paper-working!

    We are an AGCI family adopting a little girl from India. She turns 1 on Friday and the wait to get her is taking waaaayyyy too long! She has a repaired cleft lip and needs palate surgery, so we are anxious to bring her home for that too. We homeschool as well:-)

  6. was fun for me to see you have the "Why Wouldn't I" video on your blog. The Eides are good friends of ours (a big part of our adoption) and Teshome (their little guy from Ethiopia) is our godson:-) I kept telling him he needed to write an adoption song! The Perfect Surprise Christmas album even made it on the USA Today top Christmas CD's this year,,fun!


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