Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The CALL we've been waiting for...

So if you read Monday (the 4th) nights post you know that I was at the end of my (waiting) rope. I woke up Monday thinking "ok, new day, new week, new month, even NEW is time for our referral!" But Monday wasn't our day, so I went on bedrest! :) What we did get on Monday was an email from our CW saying she would be calling Monday or Tuesday for our monthly update. I took this as a warning not to get too excited when I saw ACGI on the caller ID because they didn't have a referral for us. How frustrating.

Tuesday morning I woke up and talked to God about 2 things: 1-Please take this (adoption) out of my mind, even for just one hour today, PLEASE, because I am all consumed. 2-I cannot go to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) on Wednesday morning without a photo. There are 400 women in my BSF class and each one of them (well maybe not EVERY one of them) are watching our adoption progress, which is great, yet difficult when week after week I have to say "no, we still haven't heard anything." So I pleaded with God not to make me go back without a photo and seriously contemplated skipping, which anyone who knows me knows I LOVE my BSF!! It's my big day out-on-the-town! So those were my 2 prayer topics for Tuesday a.m.

I made it through a good school morning and came upstairs to fix lunch. I called my hub on the cell and while we were talking the home phone starts ringing (it's 12:50 pm). I see AGCI on the ID and started to hang up with Rus (assuming it is the check-up call) when he said "no, I want to stay on the line, just set the phone down and answer it!" So I answered and Julie says "I have good news for you. I thought I was going to be calling with your update, but I'm not...I have a referral for you!" My husband says all he heard was "Hello....sob, sniffle, flat out bawl!" and he knew it was good news. He hung up and jumped in the truck to come home!! :) Seriously, I had to take a moment to collect myself before she could say anything else. The floodgates were open! Six weeks of pent up anxiety suddenly broke free in an avalanche of relief, disbelief, and PRAISE!

So Julie filled me in on our son born in late September (he's about 3.5 months). Come to find out the reason our referral took so long is that he was in the hospital due to dehydration for a few days and they wanted to be sure all was well before placing him. So not only did I get my referral but my God was gracious enough to reveal the reason for the wait (which He didn't have to do) this was such a blessing to us! My good friend also pointed out how difficult it would have been for us over the holidays if we had his referral and knew he was hospitalized. Wow, thank you Lord, You really do "have the whole world in Your hands"! Evan seems to be doing really well now; eating and sleeping fine.

The girls did SO well during the phone call! They sat and ate their lunch as quiet as little mice. Morgan would walk over and see what I was writing down and then report back to the Paige and Carley in whispers what she was learning. When we got off the phone the girls and I immediately go to the office to fire up the laptop and open the email to see his picture. Of course it gives me trouble, I mean how could it possibly work fast enough when it holds the image I have dreamed about for the last 12.5 months??? It is the strangest feeling to be scrolling down an email to see your brand new babies face for the first time! That's just not how it happened with the girls! :) So we looked and the girls oooohed and aaaaahed over him and then I turned on the tv for them so I could really "get down to business"! First I must really inspect him from head to toe. The first picture he was in a sleeper with feet and all and I'm thinking "strip him down--I want to see arms, legs, and especially some feet!!" PTL they did take some photos in just a onesie so I could see MORE! He really is "fearfully and wonderfully made". Just adorable. Couldn't be happier.

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  1. such a wonderful story! i'm so happy for you guys!!! congrats on your new baby!


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