Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Packed! We leave the day after tomorrow!

It is 12:30 am and I just finished writing letters for the girls to read each day while we are gone. I sealed them in individual dated envelopes so each one would be a surprise and something to look forward to (not as fun as Cris P. who did bags with goodies in them :) but I'm doing the best I can!! I tried to give them a few assignments each day so they won't wear Rusty's folks out completely too! Also let them know what our day would look like and told them how they could pray for us.

I got Evan and I 95% packed today. Rusty is on his own :) (I say lovingly). It was hard work, but with Morgan's help, we got it done today! What a weight lifted off my back. Now I can go to BSF in the morning and enjoy the study and "fill up" on God's awesome word before we leave!! I can't wait until we're actually on the road and in the air and I can actually bask in the awesomeness that we are on our way to Evan! With all this preparation I really haven't had time to reflect much on how cool this part is!

Shout out of thanks to my support system today: Angie/#2 who passed court today!!! Praise the Lord, Cris P. who recently traveled and is an awesome resource on travel questions, Susan P. who I am looking forward to meeting face to face on Thursday night late in the JFK airport as we share in this awesome experience together! My in-laws who arrived today, 2 days early, to help out. Our treasured friends the Hunters who came to wish us well tonight, and my dear neighbor Marissa who gave me a paper bag to make my apple pie in and is always available in my food/entertaining emergencies!! I love you all!!! :) Hugs and smiles!


  1. can you believe it?!?!?! i'm so excited for you!

  2. Have a WONDERFUL trip-it is quite an experience, better, harder, weirder than you think it will be, haha, but life changing for sure!! I do BSF too here in Virginia and it was so good to discuss today how Jesus' Holy Spirit came so that we never have to be without Him!!! He is with you on your journey to your little one-yahoo!!

  3. Praying for you each day !!!!!

  4. oh, what a magical adventure you are about to embark excited for was a miracle moment i'll never forget, kj

  5. So excited to follow your journey to Ethiopia!!!!

  6. I know you are in plane in the sky now, but I had a tummy full of butterflies thinking of you guys last night!! I hope YOUR getting some sleep, not sure I'm going to sleep much this week!!! :)


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