Friday, February 5, 2010

New info on why our court date failed.

The AGCI case worker just called to let us know she had more info on yesterdays failed court date. She said our birth mother was present but she answered one of the judges questions differently than she had originally answered it on her paperwork at the time of relinquishment. He asked how many aunts and uncles she had and she said five or six and her paperwork said two. Wow, we had no idea they were so particular. I wonder if she even understood? I feel bad for her, now she has to make a second trip to Addis (8 hours).


  1. What a bummer. I'm sorry you didn't pass and I am hoping that everything works out next time. What a terrible and emotional rollercoaster this has to be for his birthmother.

  2. I am so sorry. We will be praying for your next court date.


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