Monday, January 11, 2010

Pause and Prepare

Morgan(age 10) said "wouldn't it be great if we could just press PAUSE on Evan until we can get there to get him?" I think it is a GREAT idea!

When I first saw his face on the computer screen I called him "D", his Ethiopian name, the name our CW called him on the phone. We named him Evan a year ago when we began this journey, and found out later that it means "God is good". It was about an hour after THE CALL when I looked at his photo and called him Evan and knew it was really HIM! Something shifted in my brain and I knew this was Evan!

All this last year when we have tried to imagine him it was so difficult because we didn't know if he would be a 4 month old infant, a 6 month old sitting up, a 9 month old crawler, or a 12 month old walker? An expectant mom wants to buy clothes for her sweetie pie but all I could buy were BIBS! That is the only thing I could be sure would fit! Not only didn't I know what size he would need but also what season? So I still don't know exactly when we will get there to pick him up, but I certainly have much more to go on than ever before and I am thrilled! Some friends are planning baby showers which is wonderful since we don't own anything BOY at our house! What is it again? Snips and snails and puppy dog tails? Sounds interesting, I think I'm going to need some help. :)

We talked to our adoption educator on the phone the other night about attachment issues and babies having difficulty bonding to their new parents. I began to think about how our family has been preparing for Evan for almost 13 months now. We have been talking about him, including him in all our "family discussions", decorating a room for him, buying him gifts and toys, and praying constantly for him. We are prepared to receive him. But Evan, on the other hand, is he prepared for us? There is no way for him to know that we are here in Kentucky loving him and longing for him. There is no way to prepare a three month old for his family. And so when we walk in the orphanage on that extra special day and we are already head over heels for him and rush in to shower him with he going to be like "hey, who are these people and why are they all up in my space??" It is a very one-sided preparation huh? So I will pray for God to prepare Evan for what is to come. To prepare him for Daddy's hairy arms and for Mommy's constant clapping, for Morgan's piano playing, for Paige's ballet dancing, and for Carley's "peet-a-boo". Sweet Evan--we can't wait to overwhelm you with our pent-up love!


  1. Cristie - it is so fun to read your thoughts and share in your fantastic joy of your new baby. God is so good and we are so happy for you.

    Feel free to share the prayer list and tweak it for your own family. God has already been working in mighty ways and I can only trust that He will finish this work of growing a family.

    Thank you for praying with us tonight for our court apt.


  2. CC,
    This was so precious and sounds exactly like you were talking to us. You have a true gift in sharing your thoughts in such a conversational and engaging manner. Thank you for sharing. P.S. Praying for a smooth transition for Evan. I can't speak for other adopted children, but dear one, Evan cannot help but immediately love all of you! Remember,you're contagious, and the whole family is infected with your love.


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