Thursday, January 14, 2010

Referral Acceptance Papers are officially at AGCI!

I guess overall this was the easiest batch of papers we've had to fill out yet. Rus was going to try to be helpful and do them for us until he saw the Transition plan that was several pages long and looked like they were asking for essay type answers and then he ran screaming from the room! OK, he didn't really scream or run...:) but he knew that neither his penmanship nor his creative writing skills were going to "make the grade" for something this important! We overnighted the packet back to AGCI on Tuesday (one week from our referral date). The lady at the UPS store asked me if I was sending anything illegal or dangerous--I laughed out loud! I said "no, we're not that exciting!" I then shared how exciting these papers really were and she shared that she too is an adoptive mom and we had a great conversation!

Julie called on Wednesday to say we had forgotten to initial the bottom of the medical papers--I share this for all other AGCI families because it is something you may easily overlook. So, we printed them again, initialed them, and spent another $29. to overnight them. Now it is Thursday and all is well. Julie emailed to let me know she has everything and we are moving ahead!


  1. yay! the acceptance is official! congrats!!!

  2. Every little detail. It all has to be just right. Glad to know you were able to get those papers right back. Now onto more waiting - for a court date this time.

    Congratulations again!!!

  3. Congratulations...each step is one step closer to your baby boy.

  4. Despite the small snafu, all is well, Dear One.
    Soon, albeit, not soon enough I know, you will have that court date. Praying for you all.


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