Monday, December 21, 2009

Thanks for the "bone" Lord!

I have asked the Lord more than a few times over these past 4 weeks to "throw me a bone" :). We thought we would have a referral within a few days of being #1 on the wait list. . . but God has other plans that are higher than ours. Well today I got my "bone"! I finally got connected on the Yahoo group for our agency and got into contact with another mom who is #2 on the wait list and when I searched her on Facebook we had a mutual friend??? It was a girl from my church. Upon further investigation I find that she is from my same city!! We email and eventually have a "live" phone conversation this afternoon (for one hour) and discover we live maybe 2 miles apart! This is especially unusual since our agency is in Oregon and we live in KY. Unbelievable! I have just walked around on a cloud that God would arrange all this! Hopefully we can travel together, but most importantly, I have a friend to talk to who is walking the same path as we are right now. We were instant friends!

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